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You will be amazed and dazzled by Cary's recollections, insights knowledge, and history of New York City. Carey is a 2nd generation New Yorker,and 3rd generation show biz guy. 
He is also a member of Guides Association of New York city and of the Federation of NY tour guides.

Meet and Greet at the Airport, Your hotel, Your cruise line
- All include a strong photo and question & answer period; you may have tried the rest, now why not try the best?
- Payment by cash or paypal, checks accepted if booked in advance; most tours by appointment as scheduling and demands vary.
- Special half and full day rates, for families,and large groups; your fantasy is our reality 
- Let Cary create a unique and memorable NY experience for you

  • Manhattan overview
  • Harlem then and now
  • Now relive the glorious days of the apollo,the cotton club and many night spots of yesteryear
    • Mafia tours from the lower est side,where Lucky Luciano romped and played; learn about the notorius ravenite social club, where the Don John Gotti held court; see where Meyer Lansky, and Benjamin (Bugsy) Siegel started their rise to gangster fame, and so much more
    • Ballroom and latin dance tours
    • The Yiddish Rialto, where so many famous movie and theatre people started their careers,and where the great Yiddish once flourished
    • Broadway, the great white way from its humble beginnings to what it is today, learn the inside track from Carey Gibbs, who has met and worked with many famous people; you will love his anecdotes.
    • 9/11 remembered
    • Special tours for senior people,and children
    • Customized walking tours created for your special needs,and interests;walking tours 90 minutes to 2 hours

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    Near Minetta Lane



    A wonderful teller, with an inside view of NY. Do not miss him
    David G.